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Liverpool-2Peel Ports Group, owners of the new Liverpool 2 ‘Super-Port’, have signed a £100million contract for 17 ‘Mega-Cranes’ for the new deep-water container terminal.

The cranes have been bought from Shanghai-based Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. (ZPMC). Recognised as the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturer in the world.

Five Megamax Ship-to-Shore Quay Cranes and 12 Cantilever Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes were loaded onto a ZPMC vessel and are currently expected to reach Liverpool at the end of September or early October. This is the first phase of the project with a further 3 Ship-to-Shore Cranes and 10 Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes to be on the way soon.

The handling capacity of the 5 Megamax cranes and 12 gantry cranes will dramatically increase the ports productivity and efficiency, reducing time and cost for customers using Port of Liverpool.

The ‘Liverpool Super-Port’ will be a deep sea container terminal, allowing some of the largest Panamax vessels to dock at the port. This will reduce congestion at the countries larger ports Felixstowe & Southampton, and make it easier and cheaper for businesses in the North of the UK to import and export goods.

With half of all imports into the UK being brought in by businesses from the North, it is important that a port like Liverpool can be able deal with the demands of these businesses wanting to import and export their goods. It will also mean that inland transport costs will be cheaper, than if they brought their goods into Felixstowe or Southampton.

Not only will it be cheaper for customers to bring goods into the country, but it will be easier for them to export their goods. Liverpool 2 will create more links to Ports in North and South America, increasing the amount of opportunities for businesses in the North of the UK to export their goods to new or prospective clients.

This contract between Peel Ports Group and ZPMC is a huge step forward in construction and development of what will become one of Europe’s most advanced container facilities. As well as  the completion of the new quay wall and the dredging of the seabed to accommodate the new giant vessels, it will not be long until the new Liverpool 2 ‘Super-Port’ will be open for service at the end of 2015.

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