Liverpool Superport to Have a Bigger Impact than HS2

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The North West is currently investing around £2billion on its transport network. This includes Peel Ports’ £300million construction of Liverpool 2 container terminal – a new ‘SuperPort’.

An event held at Liverpool’s Maritime Museum on Tuesday 24th September discussed the impact the construction of Liverpool’s new ‘SuperPort’ may have on the country, and that many people believe that it will have a bigger impact than the government’s plan to introduce High Speed 2.

High Speed 2 is a controversial plan to introduce a new high speed rail network around the country, allowing people from the North West to be able to travel to London by Train in around 1hour (halving the current travel time). Many people however are against the proposition, as the proposed rail tracks are due to travel through populated areas, causing disruption to people’s lives.

The ‘Liverpool SuperPort’ however plans to be a deep sea container terminal, allowing some of the largest Panamax vessels to dock at the port. This will reduce congestion at Felixstowe Port & Southampton Port (currently the only deep sea container terminals in the UK), and make it easier and cheaper for businesses in the North of the UK to import and export goods.

With half of all imports into the UK being brought in by businesses from the North, it is important that a port like Liverpool can be able deal with the demands of these businesses wanting to import and export their goods. I will also mean that inland transport costs will be cheaper, than if they brought their goods into Felixstowe or Southampton.

Not only will it be cheaper for customers to bring goods into the country, but it will be easier for them to export their goods. Liverpool 2 will create more links to Ports in North and South America, increasing the amount of opportunities for businesses in the North of the UK to export their goods to new or prospective clients.

HS2 will only allow businesses within the UK to do business with each other at a quicker pace and commuting time for workers will be decreased. Liverpool 2 however will allow the United Kingdom to increase their transport network to more and more countries around the world, at a cheaper cost for UK businesses. Not only will it have a bigger impact than HS2, but it asks the question ‘Do we need HS2? We at FWD Freight Services Ltd. will leave you to decide if we really need HS2.

If you would like to read more information regarding this topic, please click on the link here.

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