Our Global Import and Export Destinations

Through our extensive network of over 160 GTO agents in over 100 countries, we are able to offer our services to and from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you cannot see your destination on the map, don’t worry, we can ship it.

The most popular destinations where we import and export from are China, India and the USA. We also specialise in freight transportation to and from La Guaira, Venezuela and Muara Port, Brunei. By having contracts with the top shipping companies in the world, we receive the best and cheapest rates around in order to pass on these savings to our customers.

We are expanding our services to and from more destinations every week, to ensure we can ship cargo based on our customers’ requirements. This has allowed us to ship specialist items to various places around the world. Check out our Specialist Jobs page to see some of the shipments we have completed.



We can arrange to deliver your goods on different types of trailers to various destinations all over Europe. Our most popular destinations our clients like to import from and export to are Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium.

However we do arrange haulage for other clients to and from destinations further a field in Europe such as Turkey, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Greece, and many more. Whether you want your goods to be delivered on a Wide-Load Trailer or want Express Delivery, we can arrange that for you.

If you would like to learn more about what type Trailers we can offer you, visit our Road & Rail page.

North and South America

Two of our most popular destinations (United States of America and Canada) are located in North America. We can cover both sea and air freight to all destinations within these countries, whether it is on the Atlantic or Pacific side.

We also have a lot of clients who we arrange shipments to South America for. Countries like Venezuela and Argentina are the most popular, but with our extensive array of agents based in South America we can deliver to all countries. Whether it is alcohol, foodstuff or machinery, you trust us to deliver your goods safely.


As you can expect, we arrange most of our imports from China. China is the largest exporter of goods in the world, and with increasing demand from companies within the UK, it is getting larger and larger every year.

Not only do we import from China, but we also import and export goods from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and many more. With our vast amount of agents around the continent we can control the shipment from start to finish, limiting what can go wrong, and offer competitive rates.


We can arrange shipment to most parts of Africa, and this is increasing all the time. We mainly arrange exports to the continent to countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Ghana, plus many more.

Africa is a continent whose economy is improving every year, and more and more exports and imports are occurring between Africa and other countries. We at FWD Freight Services Ltd realise the importance of this, and can offer our customers excellent rates to import and export goods.

We have arranged to ship all kinds of goods to Africa, and one example can be found on our Specialist Jobs page. Here you can read how we arranged to transport a Power Station from Ghana to Kenya.

The Middle East

More and more money is being thrown at countries within the Middle East every year. This means that more businesses are making deals within the countries, creating an increase in imports and exports.
We have arranged to ship various goods to different destinations within the Middle East such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and many more.


While Australia and New Zealand are the most popular destinations for our clients in this region, we have also arranged to ship cargo to and from Papua New Guinea and its surrounding islands in the past for our customers. This is because we have excellent agents within these areas, who can ensure your goods are loaded and delivered safely at a competitive price.

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