Customs Clearance Services

FWD Freight Services Limited able to arrange customs clearance of any consignment arriving by sea, air or road at any port or airport in the UK. We can arrange for EAD documents to be issued for any consignment, shipping outside of the EU that is transhipping at an EU country.

We can clear goods into free circulation against payment of customs duty and vat or alternatively we have considerable experience in arranging customs clearance under other customs regimes such as IPR (Inward Processing Relief), Drawback or Suspension.

Our fully trained staff have considerable knowledge and expertise in the clearance of all types of all types of cargo including Foodstuffs, Fruit, Alcoholic Drinks, Timber and Pet Food.

We are also able to arrange for the movement of alcoholic drinks between EU countries and the UK and control the necessary customs paperwork involved.

The Process

In order for us to produce a customs clearance for your shipment, we require certain sets of documents:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin

From the Commercial Invoice and Packing List we can gain the value of the cargo, the weight, the pieces, and also the amount of cartons or packages. The Bill of Lading on the other hand lets us know everything about the shipment. What container the cargo is in, what vessel it is on, the exporter and importer, plus much more. Finally, the Certificate of Origin lets us know the origin of the goods and if they are eligible for a reduced Duty rate.

Once we have extracted this information, we then send your customs clearance to customs at port the vessel is due to arrive at. Customs checks the customs clearance document, and lets us know how much Duty and VAT is payable.

Once customs has cleared your cargo within the container, we will then arrange delivery and inform you how much Duty and VAT is payable – if any.

Require an urgent customs clearance?

We can arrange clearance for all UK ports!


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