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Since 1986 we have completed thousands of shipments for our customers, and delivered different types of cargo to their final destinations.

Below are some of the weird and wonderful shipments we have done in the past.

The Chapel

One of the most unusual shipments that we have completed was shipping a Chapel from Sproxton, Leicestershire to Baker University, Kansas USA.

Brick by brick the Chapel was dismantled, loaded into 20 containers, delivered to the university in the United Sates, and rebuilt to the same specifications as it stood at his original home.

With it taking just over 9 months to send the timber, glass work, roof, floors, walls, and organ via cargo freight, it was successfully rebuilt and still currently stands at Baker University.

If you would like to read more, click on the link and visit the university website to learn more about the Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel.

The Power Station

Probably the largest job we have ever done was moving a 30MW Power Station from Ghana to Kenya.

This involved moving 58 different sized containers from one side of Africa to the other, all carrying different sections of a temporary power station.

Our customer produced and installed a temporary power station for the Ghana government to counteract the effect of a serious drought in the region. This drought reduced the water levels within Lake Volta, reducing the amount of electricity being produced from their dam in the lake.

After seeing the success of this power station, a company in Mombasa, Kenya got in touch with our customer to bring this power station across Africa.


Four months later we had shipped 58 containers from Ghana to Mombasa, Kenya and delivered them to their new home.

The Powerful

In recent years we have moved a wide variety of Out-of-Gauge cargo all over the world, but we are very proud to be involved in the relocation of the historical vessel, the Powerful. One of 3 small racing boats built in 1900 by William Fife III, the third and final generation of the world-renowned yacht-building family based in Fairlie, Ayrshire.

Due to the historical nature of the vessel, it was our responsibility that the unloading and handling of this vessel were done with extreme care. Whilst we were not involved in the whole leg of the Powerful’s journey from Canada, our involvement was probably the most sensitive.

Once the container arrived, through our well-experienced contacts at Grangemouth we arranged for the Powerful to be unloaded from the container safely and delivered to its final resting place at the Scottish Maritime Museum in good health.

If you wish to know more about the Powerful and its journey from Canada to the Scottish Maritime Museum, then please click here to see a link to an article.

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